My Before & After Transformation!
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Before: Career

Like many of you, I worked a dead-end job for fifteen years.

Knowing I had unfulfilled potential made the cycle unbearable. An invisible ceiling of self-doubt held me back from getting rich, starting a business, and putting that first foot forward.

After: Career

Today, I coach clients all across the world.

I’ve made helping them break that same cycle by manifesting their potential into a living!

coach dublin ireland rob duffy rob@robduffy4coach.com phone +353877495366

Before: Romance

My relationships were superficial and lacked emotional investment.

I couldn’t effectively communicate my needs and was in no fit state to meet theirs.

After: Romance

Found the woman of my dreams 15 years ago and have the best relationship!

Dealing with my demons allowed me to earn the woman of my dreams, who has championed me and my career for the last 15 years.

coach dublin ireland rob duffy rob@robduffy4coach.com phone +353877495366

Before: Health

I had a €500-weekend drug dependency, which almost cost me my life from a four-storey fall abroad.

My diet, sleep, and fitness all fell by the wayside while I pursued the distraction of a new high.

After: Health

Getting clean meant plates and sheets too. My repaired relationships with vegetables and circadian rhythms mean my body feels as rejuvenated as my mind.

I’ve committed to physiotherapy & personal training for my injuries, and to stay in a shape, which I—and my missus—loves all through my 40s.

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In my 20s I was nihilistic, hedonistic, and took what I thought could take the pain away.


When tragedy struck, I faced an ultimatum: double down on self-destruction, or reconstitute my values so I could contribute to the world.


I studied Psychology and became a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. Now, I share those techniques with people like you through my signature coaching programme, ‘Mapping Your Mastery’.


Mapping Your Mastery sets you on a heroic journey of self-discovery, which realigns you with reality and reorients you toward success.


Equipped with the tools to excavate their highest ideals, these heroes go on to find dream partners, live healthy lifestyles, land dream careers and move through the world with indomitable confidence.

coach dublin ireland rob duffy rob@robduffy4coach.com phone +353877495366
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