My Before & After Transformation!
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Before: Career

Before I was a coach, I was in an unsatisfying job knowing I was capable of a whole lot more.

I remained in this job and repeated the same misery each day for 15 years until it became too much.

After: Career

I now get to work on helping people shift their mindset towards creating the lives they have always wanted.

This is such a rewarding vocation for my soul and I also get paid the income I’ve always wanted!

coach dublin ireland rob duffy rob@robduffy4coach.com phone +353877495366

Before: Romance

I used to be miserable and go in and out of meaningless relationships.

I wasn’t happy with who I was within myself and as a result with who I was attracting into my life.

After: Romance

I have been with the woman of my dreams for the past 13 years and have the best relationship I know of!

Having dealt with my demons, I was able to get clear on what I really wanted regarding a woman and a relationship and attracted her into my life with ease.

coach dublin ireland rob duffy rob@robduffy4coach.com phone +353877495366

Before: Health

I used to have a €500-weekend drug habit, my diet sucked and I was totally out of shape.

This nearly cost me my life as my drug addiction led to me nearly killing myself in a foreign country when I fell from an apartment 4 storeys up.

After: Health

I have got myself clean, improved the way I think about food and diet and have never been in better shape in my life.

Having overcome addiction and getting what I needed in therapy, I now know what it takes to have a clean mind and body.

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When I was in my 20s, I was lost and searching for purpose.


When tragedy struck, I was given a choice, I could either double down and continue to waste my life away or I could decide to be of value to the world.


With a constant desire to know myself better, getting clear on my values, I stumbled upon what was important to me and got to work learning the best techniques and mindsets to grow, achieve life mastery and satisfaction.


I studied Psychology and became Certified as a Coach and NLP Practitioner (the study of human excellence) to make sure I learned the best techniques to help people achieve excellence and manifest their potential.


Now, I coach people like you to help them avoid wasting their precious time in life with my signature programme ‘Mapping Your Mastery’.


Importantly, Mapping Your Mastery takes heroes on a journey of self-discovery which leads to more clarity, awareness and life satisfaction.


After working with me as their coach, these heroes go on to find dream partners, live healthily, find ideal professional roles and become unstoppable forces in the world.

coach dublin ireland rob duffy rob@robduffy4coach.com phone +353877495366
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