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Want To Control What Other People Think About You?

Here is the good and bad news. You cannot control other people’s opinions about you.

Is that liberating or anxiety-provoking for you?

I used to care so much about what other people thought about me.

I used to hide all the stuff that made me human away from others and all this served to do was to make my guilt and shame worse.

Then, one day, I realised that it doesn’t matter what I do in the world, no matter how virtuous I am being, people will have their negative opinions of me for no reason other than what their brain is offering them.

You see, we cannot know or predict what people will think about us.

It’s exhausting to even try.

Social media is a really interesting example of this where so many people will post things about their opinions and others will try to shame people for having those opinions.

I have engaged in this online too, I am no saint in this and still learning.

I just don’t care anymore what people think about me. I am me and I own the fact that I will not be liked by everyone.

Some people don’t like the fact that I am a 100% personal responsibility advocate and not so much in favour of government intervention in economic matters.

That’s fine. People can be wrong, people are wrong all the time.

It has the effect of attracting people that I want closer to me and those who don’t like what I have to say can go find messages that do align with them.

There are no forcing opinions going on and everyone will, to one degree or another, make choices related to their biases and that is all fine.

Taking 100% responsibility for what we say and who we are means that being who we are and being satisfied that who we are is 100% our choice and owning that is related to how we feel in the world and leads to the actions that we take and the results we get in our lives is all part and parcel of the deal too.

This is why self-knowledge, personal development and reflection is the most important thing. The mindset we bring to our lives creates the results we get in our lives.

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch this most valuable lesson until my 30s. I was highly unaware as a teen and in my twenties.

I was incredibly economical with the truth and attempted to control others opinions about me. Authenticity was very hard for me and being a chameleon felt safer.

So, if this is something that you experience, ask yourself what you get from doing this and worrying about others opinions?

Imagine for a moment, that you didn’t care what others thought about you and releasing the imagined control you have over what other people think about you?

In what way would your life change?

I have created a Free 5 Day Challenge to help you catapult your journey towards mapping a better vision for what mastery in your life might look like and encourage you to check it out and start changing your story today.


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