How The Power Of Reading Holds The Key To Success

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How The Power Of Reading Holds The Key To Success

What one skill is vital to personal success? If you were asked this question, how would you respond? Would you say “perseverance” or “determination”? What about “charisma” or “people skills”? How about “wealth”? Those skills are important; however, there is one that is key above all else that will ensure great success. That skill is learning to do more reading.

I can hear you scoff now at the idea, but believe me that it’s true. According to research, 85% of those who are considered successful read at least two books on how to improve themselves or how to build new or existing skill sets a month! While most who read do so for pleasure, those who aspire for greater things in life read to learn. Choosing to read to better oneself isn’t easy. The approach is similar to exercising or other life mastery habits. It takes time, effort, and repetition before we can reap the results.

If it can do so much, why don’t more people read to learn? There are two sad truths as to why. The first is that many individuals don’t think that taking the time to read is important. Those who hold fast to this idea don’t see the connection between the skill and future success. The second reason is that those who care about reading aren’t reading as much as they should. This group feels overwhelmed by the thought because they either do not have time, are unsure which books to read, or view particularly long books as too difficult to read.

Many instead turn to viewing online articles. The Internet is stuffed full of blogs and articles that boast skills that “you need to succeed”. While these writings have their merits, books can demonstrate how to be successful instead of just telling how to be successful. A list of skills you need is nice, but how do you use them? Many books describe in detail how the author’s personal list worked in their life. Examples are great when you’re first learning how to do something so you can have some context on how to apply the concept to your own life.

Reading is the master key to open any door you see. Like any key though, you must use it for the key to be effective. If books appear daunting to you, start small. Talk to those who read to improve themselves for suggestions or do a little research online. Start with something small to build your stamina. Set aside time each day to sit down and actually read. Take notes and jot down how you can use what you’re seeing in the book in your life right now. Big journeys begin with small steps, and those small steps can bring you closer to your life mastery goals.

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