How Good Are Your Thinking Skills?

We are not born good or bad thinkers. We are born with a potential for good or average thinking skills relative to other factors. The brain will become whatever potential it achieves based upon the inputs we are exposed to in the world.

Thinking is a skill and if we are not exposing ourselves or if we didn’t get exposed to good ways of thinking we can always practice now and commit to becoming better at it.

Some things to watch out for when training our thinking skills.


What do we assume to be true and what do we assume to be absolutes about ourselves and the world? These deserve to be questioned.


How are we showing up in the world? What level of effort are we committing to the pursuit of making ourselves better and adopting a growth mentality? What experiments are we running to find better ways to think and learn?


What biases might be at play within us and what kinds of things are we believing deeply about ourselves. Identifying our biases is a worthwhile venture.

Use the scientific method on ourselves. We need good information to increase our thinking skills.

This can be done through learning about philosophy, epistemology and using reason and evidence.

Observation and awareness of ourselves is the first step. Apply awareness on our actions and thinking styles.

After that, we can form hypotheses around why we act in certain ways.

By running an experiment on ourselves we can come to new conclusions afterwards based on the evidence which shows the results of what we have done.

Rinse and repeat.

I’d love to hear about your thinking style and if you have any questions, I’d love to answer them in a podcast!

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