How Do I Know If I’m An Introvert?

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How Do I Know If I’m An Introvert?

So, you just realised you might be an introvert!

But, how do I know if I’m an Introvert?

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s chat about it!

So, you are among an estimated one third of the global population who are introverts.

When put like that, it doesn’t sound all that unique, right?

Some experts believe that in the world, there is a tendency towards an extroversion bias.

This means that extroversion is deemed the norm or the way things ‘should’ be. The reason for this is that extroverts make such a song and dance about their way of being that it gets taken to be the ‘way things should be’. 

This can be really annoying for introverts and some can even take it personally. They question where they fit into all of this. Asking themselves questions like, ‘Why can’t I be as social as the others?’ or ‘Am I normal?’

Well, normal doesn’t really exist. Normal in many social contexts is a reflection of this extroversion bias.

So, what is this introversion then?

This manifests itself in many ways.

You see, as introverts, listening rather than speaking is often the preferred modality when communicating. 

There are numerous benefits to this interaction style which mean that you can be more tuned in to interpersonal meta-narratives, meaning introverts are more likely to get the bigger picture in regards to larger social groupings and what’s happening internally in communities they are part of. 

Introverts more obviously see (feel, observe, consider, ruminate on the meaning within interpersonal communication) because they speak less and observe more

The extroverts are busy doing the extrovert-y things (speaking more, observing only what excites their focus) while missing the subtleties that introverts naturally see.

Introverts Feel More?

Introverts can have greater empathy too over their extrovert counterparts in many cases.

This is not the case though when introverts forget to energise. Energising for the introvert usually comes from being alone. While alone, introverts might find they can be creative and through creativity are building towards stepping into some future social interaction.

This energising period that introverts find necessary to engage in is often misconstrued as socially phobic or even ignorant. Calling introverts shy because they have these needs is short sighted and frankly ignorant of their needs and likely evidence of this extroversion bias embedded in our culture.

Some introverts are incredibly capable social butterflies. Their strong preference is to not engage so often in traditionally extrovert-oriented spaces.

There is no shame in this, it is a case of understanding their needs and acting on their natural preferences. When people attempt to shame introverts about this, it says more about the person shaming than the introvert acting towards their own self-care.

What’s The Best Career For Introverts?

I’m often asked – what is the best career path for an introvert and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. 

Most introverts do prefer to do activities which can be self-paced. In some cases, things which involve one activity at a time.

Traditionally extroverted, team based or tasks based on verbal communication such as sales, political activities or front line education can be a big challenge for introverts.

For introverts, many find artistic pursuits suitable. This allows them to be creative, wherein they can become energised through the process of creation. The writing process is also something which introverts can become absorbed in and many job roles involve writing. Also the field of science and I.T. can also be a space where introverts can shine.

Some key advice – if you have ever been shamed or mocked for your introversion and you took it personally, realise that it says nothing about you and everything about those judging you. 

You are perfectly normal. You just have very specific needs, like all people.

Perhaps ask yourself now, how can you better meet your needs in all areas of your life?

That’s a big question and if you’d like to reach out to me, that’s what I help people like you figure out so you can map out the life you wish to create.

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