Have I not spoken to your concerns yet, maybe I have the answer to your question in my FAQ?

What if I told you that coaching can help you:

Accept your introversion and thrive because of it

Socialise and meet people as your authentic self

Become the leader you have always wanted to be

Lose the fear of starting a business, giving public talks or standing on a stage

Overcome anxiety for good

Find the path that allows you to make the impact you’ve always wanted

Feel awesome as your true self

Be seen without fear of judgement

Find the special other who attracts you in the way you actually like

Assertively ask for that raise without dread

Stop feeling like an oddball because you are quiet

Benefit greatly from your identity as shy, sensitive or as an introvert

Find great people where you excel in their company

Before we work together, we will need to have an initial coaching call to see if coaching is the correct intervention for you. In this call, we will both be able to become clear on what is going on in your life right now. By understanding where you are right now in your life and having an idea of where you would like to get to in the future, we can create a road map of sorts to work on bridging the gap in order to achieve your ideal future state.

There is an initial investment of time and effort expected from you to put into the coaching process that will maximise your results if you do choose to sign up and this is valuable to you for these reasons:

  • You will immediately begin to become more aware of the areas of your life where you may be wasting some of your time
  • You will begin to become more confident that you can take steps to make changes to your life which will impact on the results you achieve

Can you put aside an hour a week to discuss what is most important for you in your life?

For sure! You will learn some thinking principles and how to manage your thoughts and to quiet the mind which will help you to sort out the facts from some of the noise.

Yes, I am quite flexible and can work with you at your best times.

I work with people in various locations around the globe. The internet makes working with people anywhere in the world super easy!

Yes, If you live in Dublin, I am willing to travel to a location that suits (we can talk about that in the initial call).

Do you still have a question for me? Request a call back from me.

Or Alternatively, Call (+353) 877495366
Email: rob@robduffy4coach.com

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